Mankind. Persistent, stubborn, curious mankind. There are no places we won’t go. There are no peaks we won’t climb, no depths we won’t explore. There are no limits to the human spirit. We go faster and further. Higher and deeper. Not because we have to, but because we can.

We may be a flawed species on a tiny, pale blue dot in a vast universe, but we live large. We seek new places and new experiences. And often, they are closer than we think. Often, all you need to enjoy them is a pair of Cojones.

No seasonality

Call it slow fashion. Call it attention to detail. Call it sustainability. Whatever you call it we strive to craft a timeless high-quality swimshort independent of fashion trends.

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A fit that fits

Swimwear is serious stuff. Not just two pieces of polyester kept together with a drawstring. That is why we created the curved waistband. The split back piece. The asymmetric leg seam. There is a reason behind e v e r y single detail.

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We would like to swim in our oceans a 100 years from now, so we work hard to minimize our footprint. The swimshorts are made out of bluesigned polyester with high durability that gives them a long life span. So don’t come back too early. 

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