Many brands make swimwear. But few really care. Two pieces of cheap polyester with a drawstring dressed in a funny print is all it takes. And next season they repeat it all over again to try to sell you some more.

We don’t believe in that. We strive to craft the perfect swimwear. Being obsessed with a great fit, a timeless look and minimal environmental footprint. To us swimwear is serious stuff that deserves the same attention to detail as any well tailored trouser.

That’s why we tried more than a hundred pair of swimwear and ended up designing our own. Countless new collections per year make us feel constantly out of date and encourage us to keep buying more.

Our intention is to create quality products. To last a long time. To make you buy less. And learn along the way. So when something isn’t perfect we improve it. Always.

No sales. No seasons. No middlemen. Just great swimwear.

We hope you like the result.

No seasonality
We have decided to break the fashion industry’s obsession with seasons. Trying to sell you new stuff just because current fashion trends says so.
This is why we don’t do seasonal collections. Instead we craft durable and timeless products to last independent of seasons. In a color palette inspired by nature. And by selling directly to you and thus bypassing middlemen and shops and skipping cheap sales tricks we invest in quality and craftsmanship with the end result of better longevity.
And if there is one thing that is good for our oceans it is keeping our clothing in play for a longer time. Fast fashion garments, which on average are worn less than 5 times and kept for just 35 days, produce over 400% more carbon emissions per item than garments worn 50 times and kept for 1 year. So by shunning fast fashion, by means of buying high quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly apparel you’ll significantly reduce your carbon footprint, while also looking rather dapper in classic timeless swimwear.

A fit that fits

Most brands don’t really care about swimwear. They just put two pieces of polyester together with a drawstring and add their logo because people sometimes need to get wet.

This is in fact why we founded Cojones. We tried a hundred pairs of swim shorts and got tired of too small pockets, too long cords, too wide legs, too stiff fabrics. So instead we ended up designing our own.

Putting thousands of hours into product development and scrutinizing every single seam. Creating the signature curved waistband that tilts the waist to follow the hips natural contours, the dropped back seam that lets the short fall nicely and also the asymmetric leg seam that gives the wearer more maneuverability. We also gave the pockets a nice 35 degree angle for easy access and made them deep and nice so things don’t fall out.

All of designers have a technical sports apparel background and focuses on function and moveability while still keeping the aesthetics clean and dapper.




We love water.

We love oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, cenotes. Basically anywhere you can immerse yourself in water and get wet. And this is why we work hard to minimize our footprint.

Because what you love you treat well. And the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters of water and air. So the best thing you can do is probably skinny dipping. But sometimes that is not appropriate and you need swimwear. And that is where we come into play by providing high quality swimwear in a timeless design that can be used for many years to come. In fact research has shown that increasing the active life of clothing by just nine months would reduce the annual carbon, water and waste footprints of clothing by 20-30%.

Furthermore all of our fabrics are bluesigned which is a solution for sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances from the manufacturing process from the beginning and controls standards resulting in a more environmentally friendly and safe production of products. We also make all of our packaging in climate neutral cardboard that is easy to recycle.